Scrutinising the future role of alternative fuels in delivering aviation decarbonisation

Alternative fuels have been identified as an important tool to reduce the climate change impact of the aviation industry, but there are many challenges associated with increasing the production and use of these fuels in a sustainable way. In this series of reports for the Aviation Environment Federation we discuss issues relating to the lifecycle […]

Aviation biofuels in Spain

This report for the Spanish NGO Ecologistas en Acción considers the potential for the development of an aviation biofuel industry in Spain. It notes that it may be challenging to reorient existing renewable diesel capacity to aviation fuel production because of the need to find non-food feedstocks if the fuel is to be counted under […]

SAFty in numbers

As part of the Green Deal, the European Commission has launched the “ReFuelEU Aviation Initiative” to increase the role of “sustainable aviation fuels” in EU aviation. This report for Transport and Environment discusses the potential supply of different SAF categories in 2030, and what might be required to deliver a rapid supply expansion. This includes […]

Biofuel to the fire

In partnership with the Rainforest Foundation Norway, this report reviews the threat to tropical forests from continued expansion of mandates for palm- and soy-oil based biofuels.

Destination deforestation

The aviation industry identifies ‘sustainable aviation fuels’ as a key tool to manage the growing climate impact of aviation. There are, however, fundamental differences between the sustainability risks associated with the scaling up of the different available alternative aviation fuel technologies. At present, the only alternative aviation fuel technology that is operational at commercial scale […]