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Hydrogen Delivered Lifecycle Analysis Tool

Cerulogy worked with the Clean Air Task Force to develop an online tool to allow users to explore the lifecycle emissions of conventional and renewable hydrogen production. It allows users to review the full lifecycle emissions of hydrogen while changing a number of assumptions, including the methane leakage rate for natural gas supply, the electricity […]

Fuelling Development

This report for Transport and Environment, written in partnership with David Calderbank Consulting, considers options for the development of alternative transport energy policy in the UK under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO). It discusses issues including adding renewable transport fuel obligations on aviation and marine fuel use, crediting renewable electricity use by electric vehicles, […]

Beyond biomass?

Within the European Union’s recast Renewable Energy Directive support is available not only to biofuels but also to ‘renewable fuels of non-biological origin’ (electrofuels) and to ‘recycled carbon fuels’ (fuels produced taking advantage of fossil energy in solid and gaseous waste streams). This report for the International Council on Clean Transportation provides an introduction to […]

Truckin’ on

In this report for FuelsEurope we present a proposal to use a fuel decarbonisation credit added to the heavy duty efficiency vehicle efficiency standard to accelerate deployment of advanced alternative fuels and of green hydrogen use and CCS at refineries.