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Washington’s Clean Fuel Future

10 Jan 19
Chris Malins
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With Clean Fuel Programs (CFPs, also referred to as Low Carbon Fuel Standards) active in California, Oregon and British Columbia, and set to be introduced at the federal level in Canada, it is unsurprising that a Clean Fuel Program for Washington State is back on the political agenda. In a new report prepared for the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), we assess the potential supply of low carbon fuels under a Washington CFP, and the carbon savings that could be delivered. The analysis shows that a proposed 10% carbon intensity reduction target for 2028 should be readily achievable. Read more on the UCS website or download the report below:

Front cover from Washington's Clean Fuel Future

California’s Clean Fuel Future

09 Apr 18
Chris Malins
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The California Air Resources Board is in the process of stakeholder engagement before setting compliance targets to 2030 for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and Cerulogy was asked by the NextGen Foundation, Ceres and the Union of Concerned Scientists to provide fuel supply modelling to inform the decision. The study shows that with moderate assumptions on availability of LCFS credits from various compliance pathways, carbon savings above the currently proposed 20% level could be achieved by 2030. The study was updated in April following comments received on the original version. 

March release:

April update: